Drifting in a Monochrome World
This is currently the worst Cast page I've ever seen due to its lack of images, eloquence, and organization. Sorry! Also, there will be more spoilers here once all characters are established and I update this page, so it's probably not a good idea to read it until you're caught up with the story. 
  • Second to the right (black ribbon tie/trench coat): Kalo ad Linz Orvan
  • Centre (ascot tie/longcoat): Rishen in Sora Holo Ezel Nerax
  • Second to the left (aviator goggles/vest): Viern in Ezel Riam Nitas
  • Far right (scarf with squares/artist's smock): Jen ec Narin
  • Far left (spike hoodie): Nav ad Verni